We produce electrodes, cells, modules and batteries based on lithium-ion technology in Germany. We strive to develop Energy Storage Systems that challenge the status quo, focused on highest quality, performance innovative technology and customer needs.

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Our core product

Electrode foil

As key component of every cell the performance is defined by its electrode foil. With our tailor-made solutions we guarantee final products that deliver longest lifetime and highest quality. We offer intermittent and continuous coating options for customization across applications.



Energy Storage

Power Supply



Germany’s first

Electrode production

Our production facility is located in the north of Germany. Close enough to supply our products fast and on time, a big  advantage for successful cooperation in the light of R&D projects. All our machinery sourced within Europe is equipped with an inline Quality Control System. We offer on site customer support within 24h of notice and continuously drive tailor made solutions with a reasonable pricing. By 2022 we aim to become CO2 neutral, due to renewable energy usage in production.



Quality, Reliability & Safety

We keep quality at the heard of what we do, act reliable and serve with long-term commitments.

Innovative technology, performance & expertises

Our team has proven to know how to set new standards, works with passion and sits at the forefront of global research.

Local & sustainable production

Being "neighbors" is allowing us to work closely together and drives our goal to become fully CO2 neutral by 2022.

Customized solution with best customer experience

We are committed to deliver best-in-class products and services, matching individual needs to delight our customer.

Our Team

Dr. Stefan Permien

Stefan studied chemistry at Kiel University. He finished his PhD thesis about lithium-ion-batteries at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry in 2016. During his PhD studies, he also completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Afterwards Stefan Permien started as a CTO in a Cell production company and was active in the management for three years. He was responsible for R&D, project management, production and technical purchasing. Dr. Stefan Permien has 10 years of professional experience in the field of cell design, electrode coating and cell construction. In addition, he is an expert in the field of cost analysis of battery cell production.

Marius Strack

Marius studied renewable energy engineering of applied sciences. During his studies he led a research group in the field of electric drives. In 2017 he completed his bachelor thesis at the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen in the field of "Thermal Simulation of Battery Modules". He has experience in the field of design and evaluation of new batteries. In 2017 he became a project manager and is entrusted with the optimization of all manufacturing processes as well as the expansion of battery production plants and the integration of new components and process improvements. He was the interface between production and research & development.


a partner

UniverCell is currently building a network of strong partners. These include large and small industrial companies as well as leading universities and research institutes. Interested in building a strong partnership to drive the future of sustainable energy solutions?

Our attendance at „The Battery Show 2021" 30. November - 02. December in Stuttgart is supported by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund (EFRE), the Federal Government and Land Schleswig-Holstein.

Investment in growth and human resources

Promotion of an innovation assistant for the optimization of production facilities to optimize waste and achieve a long-life cycle for lithium-ion batteries. In addition, we are researching the development of electrode pastes to improve the life and performance of lithium-ion batteries.

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